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INDEMAR provides a range of integrated oceanographic, metocean services and environmental data acquisition and analysis services.

These services are key components to help our clients gain an accurate understanding of marine and freshwater environments. With a diversified inventory of oceanographic, limnological and environmental instrumentation, along with trained experienced specialists, we are able to respond rapidly to client requirements. We routinely monitor:


                • In Situ & Real-Time Current Velocity Profiling
                • Directional Wave Monitoring
                • Water Level and Tide
                • Conductivity, Temperature and Depth Profiling (CTD)
                • Chemical & Biological Water Column Sampling
                • In Situ & Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring
                • Dye Dilution Studies
                • Thermal Plume Mapping


INDEMAR acts as the field data acquisition arm of engineers, modelers and owners. Typical projects we support include: port and harbor development, wastewater and industrial outfalls, power plant intakes/outfalls, marine crossings (pipelines, cables, and bridges), offshore disposal, resource development, etc.


In addition, oceanographic data, coupled with bathymetry and sediment sampling, provides the boundary conditions for numerical and physical modeling.

INDEMAR can provide the following data collection services:

        • Current Velocity Monitoring & Mapping
        • Directional Wave Monitoring
        • Water Level & Tide Measurements
        • Water Quality Monitoring & Mapping


INDEMAR has experience with both a variety of moored deployments and boat mounted options allowing for a wide range of data collection opportunities including:


              • Full Water-Column Time Series
              • Long Term Deployments
              • XYZ Flow Field
              • Discharge Measurements
              • Full-Cycle Tidal Current Survey
              • Model Calibration /Validation
              • Time and Tide Varying Water Quality


Here are our current partners.

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